E v e n t  P h o t o s

Chinese Wartime Science Through the Lens of Joseph Needham Exhibition-Opening Ceremony (2018.1.22) 

Public Lecture “Joseph Needham’s Science and Civilization in China and Its Impact on Today’s Study of the Chinese History of Science and Technology” by Prof. Angela Ki Che Leung (2018.1.22)

Guest Visit: Institute of Qing History, Renmin University of China 中國人民大學清史研究所代表團訪問歷史系 (2018.1.25)

Video played during the kick-off ceremony (2018.2.2)

Pictures taken at the Kick-off Ceremony and Alumna Lo Koon Lan's Sharing (2018.2.2)

Public Lecture by Prof Tze-ki Hon: Yijing and Yijing Commentaries (2018.3.13)

Our Hong Kong Foundation - China Institute Public Lecture by Professor Luo Xin (2018.3.16)

Public Lecture by Dr. LIM, John Chuan-tiong: The Evolution of Taiwanese Identity: Retrospect and Prospect (2018.3.21)

Prof. Chang Chuen Memorial Public Lecture Series by Prof. Emma J. Teng (2018.4.10)

Information Session for Freshmen (2018.4.18)

2018 Postgraduate Research Fora – PhD and MPhil Students (2018.4.26)

2017-18 Faculty-Student Consultative Meeting (2018.4.30)

2019 Honours Project Briefing and Library Workshop (2018.4.30)

Career Talk by Ms. Mary Chu - The Journey from a History Teacher to a School Principal 校友職業導向分享:從歷史教學走上校長之路 (2018.4.30)

International Conference on the Catholic Church in China since 1979 (2018.6.14-15)

Annual Assembly (2017.9.7)

Ruby Lectures: Prof. Stuart James Ward (2018.9.11)

Ruby Lectures: Prof. Fan-sen Wang (2018.9.18)

Distinguished Lecture by Prof. David Der-wei Wang (2018.9.19)

Ruby Lectures: Prof. Thongchai Winichakul (2018.9.18)

Ruby Lectures: Prof. Bonnie G. Smith (2018.10.24)

40th Anniversary Exhibition (2018.11.5-29)

A Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Jeffrey Wasserstrom (2018.11.6)

An International Forum on Sun Yat-sen Studies (2018.11.12)

Ruby Lectures: Prof. Ge Zhaoguang (2018.11.15)

Historians Say Seminar by Dr. Zhang Tianhong (2018.11.16)

Ruby Lectures: Prof. Mary Ryan (2018.11.23)

A Distinguished Alumni Lecture by Prof. Kai-wing Chow (2018.11.29)

Reunion with Former Faculty Members (2018.11.30)

40th Anniversary Homecoming Evening - Event photos (2018.12.1)

40th Anniversary Homecoming Evening - Happy Instant Photo Booth (2018.12.1)

40th Anniversary Homecoming Evening - Event videos (2018.12.1)​

40th Anniversary Homecoming Evening - Videos played (2018.12.1)​

End-of-the-year Gathering (2018.12.28)

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